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How it works

To find and use the distance measurement feature in the Skippo app, you can follow these simple steps:

Mark a Location on the Map:

Open the Skippo app and use the map to navigate to the location where you want to start your distance measurement. Tap on the chosen location on the map. Options under Tracking Plotter:

Once you have marked a location, a number of options will appear under Tracking Plotter. These may include options like "Save location", "Create route", and "Weather". Look for the Ruler Symbol:

Above the mentioned options, you should see a symbol that represents a ruler. This symbol is associated with distance measurement. Note that there might be a value like “0.1” next to the ruler symbol, indicating that the measurement function is ready to use. Start Distance Measurement:

Click on the ruler symbol to activate the distance measurement function. You can now start measuring the distance from the marked point to another point on the map by dragging or pointing to the desired destination. Read the Distance:

Once you have marked the endpoint of your measurement, the distance between the start and endpoint will be displayed on the screen. You can read this to get the desired distance information. This feature is particularly useful for planning routes, estimating travel lengths, or just to get an idea of the distance between different points on the water. Always remember to double-check important measurements and use common sense when navigating.

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