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How do I create an autoroute?

Follow these steps to create a route in the Skippos app

Automatic route planning makes it easy to measure distance and plan your progress on the water. Follow these steps to create an autoroute. There are several ways to open the view to create a route, either under the "My Skippo" tab under "Routes," under the "Navigate" tab, or by:

  1. Go to the “Plan” tab.

  2. Click on the nautical chart to select the endpoint (where you want to route to).

  3. Click on “Route here.”

  4. Then select the starting point. (On an iPhone, you can do this by searching freely in the search field, pressing "Home Harbor," pressing "Select on the map," or "Your Position." On an Android, you choose between "From your position," "From home harbor," or "Select on the map").

  5. Then click on “Create autoroute.”

  6. If you want to adjust the starting point, click on it and drag it to where you want on the map, or search for a location by pressing the text field for the starting point at the top. You adjust the endpoint in the same way. To extend the route by changing the endpoint, you can also long-press on the location on the nautical chart you want to travel to.

  7. You can also add or remove waypoints along the route that the autoroute will take into account. Create a waypoint by pressing on the route line. You can then move the waypoint to where you want it. You only need to move one (1) waypoint.

  8. When you are satisfied with your route, choose whether to save your route by clicking “Save and Close” or start navigation by clicking “Start.”

To easily create an optimal route for you and your boat, make sure your boat information is correctly filled in in the app. This includes details such as the boat's height and draft. To update your boat information, go to “Boat” and then click on the picture of your boat. There, you can set everything from the name, model, dimensions, engine, and insurance.

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