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How it works

How does auto-routing work?

Auto-routing makes it easy to plan your progress on the water.

Select Start and Destination:

Start by marking a location on the map where you want to start your route. It could be your current position, a specific place, or your home port. Then set your final destination. Create Route:

Press ""Create route"" after you have marked your starting point and destination. The app automatically calculates the best and fastest route for you based on nautical chart data and your boat's specifications. Boat Information:

To get an optimal route, make sure your boat information is correctly filled out in the app. This includes details like the size and draft of the boat, which affects which routes are safe and suitable. Follow the Route:

Once the route is created, it appears on the map. You can now easily follow the plotted course to your chosen destination. Always be mindful of your surroundings even when using auto-routing, as conditions on the water can change.

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