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Where do position data and AIS data come from?

Position data for your boat is retrieved directly from the GPS unit on the device where the app is installed, such as your smartphone or tablet. The Skippo app does not support the import of position data from external devices or equipment.

To access AIS data, you need an active internet connection from a mobile data card, as this information is retrieved online from the Maritime Administration. It does not work by internet sharing from one device to another.

The most common reasons why AIS boats or Skippo boats are not visible on the nautical chart

  1. The Maritime Administration's and other providers' masts sometimes cannot capture the signal from the boats. This can happen if the boat is far out at sea, has a weak transmitter, or a low antenna.

  2. A boat can fall into a radio shadow with its AIS, meaning it is not visible on the chart.

  3. In some cases, our providers filter out smaller boats for privacy reasons, which means some boats may appear to disappear.

  4. If a Skippo user shares their position via the app but is far from the water, the position will not be displayed in the app.

  5. For the app to share your position, even when you are not actively using it, it must be running in the background. This means the app is still working, even if you don't see it on the screen. If you completely close the app, it cannot continue to share your position.

  6. Occasionally, technical issues can arise, and the boats are not displayed correctly. We are continuously working to improve the delivery of information about AIS & Skippo boats to ensure the highest possible accuracy.

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