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The app sometimes shows an incorrect position. What causes this?

If the Skippo app displays an incorrect position, such as the boat appearing to sail on land, this can be due to problems with the GPS signal. Here are some possible reasons for this:

Weak or Obstructed GPS Signal:

Buildings, tall trees, mountains, or even heavy clouds can sometimes interfere with or block the GPS signal, leading to less accurate position information. Technical Limitations:

GPS technology has inherent limitations, and precision can vary. In certain situations, especially in areas with poor satellite coverage, the GPS device may struggle to obtain an accurate position. Interference:

Electronic interference from other devices on board the boat or nearby can sometimes affect the GPS receiver's ability to correctly interpret the signals from the satellites.

To minimize these issues, you can:

Ensure you have a clear view of the sky to improve reception. Avoid placing your GPS device near large metal objects or electronic devices that can create interference. Regularly update the app and the device's operating system to take advantage of the latest improvements and bug fixes.

If the problem persists despite good conditions, submit a case to our customer support for further assistance.

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